Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eco Printing on Paper

This is my second attempt at making eco prints on watercolor paper (300 lb.)  On my first attempt, I made a classic beginner's error....I didn't pre-fit the materials to the steamer, and consequently, the papers, in their wrappings, would not fit flat into the steamer.  I got some prints, but the results were predictably uneven.

I used Eucalyptus leaves, both E. cinerea and E. globulus, Blackberry leaf, Rose leaf, Cherry leaf, Maple, and a few Cotinus.  All the papers and leaves were spritzed with an iron solution before steaming.  The steaming lasted a couple of hours.

I am drying the prints for awhile on an outdoor window in the hopes they will stay flat.

Eucalyptus and Cherry, open spacing

Two kinds of Eucalyptus, mirror images

I got carried away here with, perhaps, too many maple leaves.  Such bounty right now.

 Blackberry and Cherry Leaves

This is a fun and inexpensive way to test leaves...all the leaves I used, with the exception of the fava leaves left more or less distinct prints.  I want to experiment with the use of mordants...alum and spritzes of vinegar, iron, and copper to see what effect on the color.


  1. good idea to stick them on a window!

    1. I learned that in a papermaking class...thicker is better